Katie McPhee, Swinburne University English Language Centre
Giving Students The Edge, on their Pathway to a Fulfilling Career

In this presentation, Katie will share her ideas on how to succeed in providing outstanding support to ELICOS students. Given the focus on language proficiency and university readiness, Katie will demonstrate her ability to attract students to attend the ILC and tutorials. She will explain her approach regarding the holistic student life cycle, and provide specific advice on running tutorials across levels in each of the key assessed skills: writing, reading and listening.

Katie's presentation will also focus on ways to understand student needs, how to generate student engagement and how to allow learners to become independent as they prepare for future study.

Katie's extensive ELICOS teaching experience stems from many years working with students on a pathway to further studies at Swinburne University in Melbourne. Two years ago, Katie took up the role of ILC Coordinator at Swinburne, where she has successfully re-invented the Centre, creating a Learning Hub to which students flock. Here, they gather together, share ideas and participate in tutorials in a safe, student community environment.