Jaqi Coan, UNSW Global
Introducing Assessments: Students telling the whole story

Have you ever wondered how to introduce key assessment tasks in a way that is both student-centred and dynamic? Using bespoke videos that feature students explaining and demonstrating the phases of an upcoming assessment task is an engaging way to introduce and model assessments. This highlights the talents within our student body and gives students a more empowered voice in the classroom. Rather than hearing the teacher talk about the assessment task, students are presented with a clear and dynamic picture of the task with real student models of what success looks like. This session will showcase examples of collaborative student and teacher produced videos and aims to inspire you to look for fresh approaches to introduce assessment tasks in ways that are engaging, motivating and empowering for students.

Jaqi Coan teaches Academic English for Foundation Studies at UNSW Global. She has been teaching both general and academic English courses for over 25 years, and has a Master of Education with Excellence (TESOL) from UNSW. She is passionate about finding fresh and innovative ways to engage students through dynamic activities such as drama, and has produced several collaborative videos with students focused on assessment tasks as well as other videos capturing the student experience.