Brooke Naylor & Colleen Bray, UNSW Global
Innovate and Invigorate! Physical Energisers for the EAP Classroom

In our valiant efforts to engage students’ minds, we can sometimes forget about students’ physical and emotional states. Yet, ancient philosophy and brain science (Dodd 2015; Van Der Kolk 2014; Jensen 2005) tell us that mind and body are closely linked; in fact, that the mind is part of the body - and that movement can actually improve cognition and affect. Physical energisers are an innovative way to tap into the mind-body connection and enhance student engagement. EAP and pathway students often engage in long, complex tasks and texts, leaving their minds and bodies fatigued.

Physical energisers can change students’ physical, mental and emotional states from that of tiredness and inattention, to positivity, energy and concentration; thus, re-invigorating the learning process and improving student outcomes. This workshop will demonstrate a range of creative, simple and easy to implement physical activities that can be used in any language-learning context as ice-breakers, coolers or energisers. Attendees will demonstrate and participate in the activities, and leave the workshop with a range of low-preparation ideas for their classroom.

Brooke Naylor has taught TESOL for over 20 years including EAP, General English and IELTS preparation. She is currently completing a Masters of Clinical Psychology and enjoys enhancing her teaching with applied psychological theory and research.

Colleen Bray has taught on various ESL programs since 2004, including General English, EAP and Teacher Training. In the past, Colleen worked as a television newsreader, presenter and actress. The skills from her previous profession have made her adept at implementing movement and drama in the classroom to enhance student engagement.