Suzanne Piovesan & Marie Fitzpatrick, University of Adelaide ELC
Bringing the Page to Life

The learning of English and Academic Skills go together in the Pre-Enrolment English Program (PEP) at the University of Adelaide English Language Centre. As students are introduced to more complex language and concepts, dense texts are used and more complex written work from students is expected. This can appear daunting for students and teachers. However, the use of kinaesthetic activities should not be overlooked in this context. The concept of ‘lifting the language’ from the page can be adopted for all levels of language proficiency, which will be discussed and showcased during the presentation.

Based on theories of both intrinsic motivation and learning by doing, inspirational demonstrations and explanations will be provided to inspire teachers to maximize teacher and student engagement. These techniques address issues such as retention, wellbeing, consolidation and classroom management.

The presentation will include examples of activities with audience participation. Active learning, moving from fundamental language through to academic texts in an English for Academic Purposes (EAP), will be highlighted as a key application to be implemented in any classroom.

Suggested activities will be displayed, but the most important point will be that ‘lifting the language from the page’ and the actual physical ‘doing’ of language in an academic context can, indeed, be implemented by all teachers. Let’s inspire you!

Suzanne Piovesan has worked at the University of Adelaide’s English Language Centre for over ten years. During this time Suzanne has primarily taught on the Pre Enrolment English Program (PEP), with additional experience teaching General Academic English and short term study tours. Her role has included teaching, working on curriculum projects, mentoring and leadership opportunities. In the past Suzanne has also taught in the High School sector as well as in community centre migrant and adult literacy programs. Suzanne has a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma of Education and a Graduate Certificate in TESOL. As a former drama and English teacher she is passionate about making her classroom an interactive, dynamic and creative space.

Marie Fitzpatrick began her TESOL journey in 1991 by doing a TESOL course in Adelaide before heading off overseas. She taught English in Istanbul, Turkey, from 1995 – 98. After returning to South Australia, Marie completed a Bachelor of Arts, followed by a Graduate Diploma in TESOL. She has worked in a range of programmes, such as the Adult Migrant English programme (AMEP) and the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE); both classroom and online. Since 2012, Marie has taught at the University of Adelaide on the Pre Enrolment English Program (PEP) and other courses such as General English for Academic Purposes (GEAP) and study tours for international student groups. Her philosophy is that a comfortable learning environment, alongside energetic input from both teacher and students can stimulate and encourage the successful acquisition of language.