Robert Puffett, CQU Sydney
The Nitty Gritty – 25+ pragmatic tips for independent learning and university success

I’ve been to the other side, helping university students as an Academic Learning Adviser and Associate Lecturer in the Academic Learning Centre (ALC), as well as being a Direct Entry teacher in ELICOS, and have seen the disconnect between Direct Entry courses and the knowledge and skills required at university.

I have found simple and sensible ways to help students prepare for tertiary studies and beyond, using common digital applications (Microsoft, Google, Moodle), as well as some more ‘old school’ pre-digital ones (The library, textbooks).

Drawing on autonomous learning theories, learning styles, teaching strategies, classroom management, and business modelling, this presentation will offer actionable takeaways for ELICOS teachers to better prepare their students for university.

Rob has been teaching mainly Direct Entry courses at CQU Sydney for over 4 years, and recently worked for a year in the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) as an Academic Learning Adviser and Associate Lecturer. He also had a previous role as an ELT Education Consultant for a major publisher. He is fascinated by the process of learning and teaching, and has developed many innovative methods to deliver that process. He holds a B.A. in Communication (Media) and a Master of Creative Enterprise (Creative Practice), but really prides himself on being a generalist (jack of all trades)!