Mark Broadbent and Lyndon de Valle, UNSW Global
Widescreen Feedback: Engaging Students with Video Technology

To be the fittest to survive in the rapidly-changing education sector, innovations in teaching with technology can ensure an institution remains in-touch and relevant. How can technology be used to support face to face learning while increasing feedback efficiency and enhancing the student experience?

Video instruction occupies a new and exciting place in the classroom with increasingly digital literate students. In this workshop an innovative approach to the editing process with the use of video technology will be presented. This brings instructional videos into the classroom to create a learning ‘event’, outside of the usual range of classroom interaction modes.

This workshop will showcase how team-teaching with short videos can be successfully implemented to engage students in the editing process and empower teachers to provide more efficient feedback. The seminar will touch on the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning and aspects derived from Direct Instruction. Firstly, a brief background to the project will be introduced and then a sample video will be shown to demonstrate the steps. Finally, participants will share ideas and discuss how they could apply this method to their own teaching context.

The workshop is designed for all educators who want to engage students with technology in the classroom to ensure positive outcomes that can be applied to any writing class.

Mark Broadbent is a Senior Teacher with UNSW Foundation Year Academic English. Apart from implementing task-based interactive activities for greater student lesson engagement, his most recent projects are designing instructional videos to support independent learning and face to face classroom teaching.

Lyndon de Valle is a Leading Teacher with UNSW Foundation Year Academic English. He has developed a range of class activities for Writing, Critical Thinking, Drama and Presentation Skills. His current academic interest is in developing more process-based activities like this project to enhance student success.