Louise Pavey, The University of Newcastle Language Centre
Rhythm Activities to Reboot, Re-energise and Revitalise Your Students

Learning English can put an enormous amount of pressure on international students. The intense concentration required can leave both students and teachers in overload, causing a loss of concentration, stamina and focus. Teachers can open the pathways to learning and build confidence through simple and effective use of rhythmic activities. In as short as a 5 or 10 minute session, students and teachers can reboot, refresh and re-energise by focusing on short, simple rhythmic and percussive activities. The physical movement involved, which uses the left and right side of the brain, has the ability to clear the mind due to the chemical reactions taking place. Once the brain has been refreshed, students can refocus and engage in their learning.

The Language Centre at the University of Newcastle has trialled these activities in special programs such as the Music Club, Conversation with a Beat, and Remedial Pronunciation Classes, as well as general classes of all levels. These trials have resulted in an increase of student morale and sense of community as well as clearing the mind for study.

In this energetic workshop, participants will experience these re-energising rhythms themselves as they learn the techniques of body percussion and rhythm. Come along and join in for a fun experience you will want to share with your students!

Louise Pavey has been teaching at the University of Newcastle since 2009. She is currently the Elementary Coordinator, combining her musical background of 38 years with ESL teaching. Louise is developing innovative programs using body percussion and rhythmic activities to assist students learning English as a Second Language.

She has presented her variety of workshops at the EA conference 2015, UECA pd Fests in Sydney Adelaide and Melbourne 2016-17. She was the recipient of an Excellence in Teaching and Learning in ELICOS award from the UoN 2016. She holds a Dip.Mus Ed, BEd (Music). Cert IV TESOL.