Louise Noell and Natalia Soeters, University of Newcastle
A practical, beginners’ guide to making videos for the classroom

Using videos in teaching is an engaging way to flip content delivery to outside of the classroom, encouraging learner independence and leaving class time for more interactive group activities and teacher feedback. This session aims to give you a basic introduction to making your own videos for the classroom. There will be a live demonstration of two video making platforms, Screencast-O-Matic and Powtoon, with step by step instructions and tips on how to use them. To finish up, we’ll show you an example of a video we made using Lightboard, which is a fantastic piece of technology we gained access to through collaborating with the Blended and Online Learning Department at our university.

Natalia Soeters and Louise Noell are teachers at the University of Newcastle English Language Centre. They have been teaching both general and academic English courses for over a decade, here and abroad. They share an interest in finding new ways to engage students of the digital generation through using technology, and they enjoy sharing this knowledge and these experiences with other teachers.