Joe O'Brien and Luke Eastman, University of Adelaide College
Enhancing learning with online tools

As students are becoming more immersed in technology, teachers need to explore how it can effectively aid students in their studies. In this session, Luke and Joe will share a variety of supplemental online tools that can be used to flip the classroom, engage students, reaffirm concepts, and aid the independent learning process. This interactive session will demonstrate how we enhance the student experience by mixing traditional teaching methodologies with online platforms. Audience members will participate in a range of activities that include discussion, games, polls and quizzes.

The tools we will be sharing have become commonly used throughout our College due to their effectiveness and versatility. This session was well received when presented to EA Australia members this year in Adelaide. It would be best presented as a workshop with a maximum of 50 people, but can be tailored for a larger audience if needed.

With a combined 14 years of teaching experience in various countries, Joe and Luke have been using innovative methodologies for teaching second language learners of all ages and academic backgrounds. Luke (Australia), currently in the role of Student Engagement Coordinator, is highly proficient in technology and teaching pedagogy.

Joe (USA), a lecturer in English for Academic Purposes and Language for Study, strives to engage students by using technology to clarify concepts and gamify the classroom. We are both young and enthusiastic teachers that endeavour to provide our students with the best possible experience while understanding and addressing diverse learning needs.