Mary Brennan, Central Queensland University (CQU)
How many sides to a triangle?

This workshop involves a range of trusted techniques to get diverse (or not) groups talking and working together. The methods include using 'two converging triangles and a VIP code that translates as values, interest and position. This is useful to highlight that whatever the discussion topic or range of language, everyone has a common interest - it's a matter of finding it then moving forward. I also want to highlight how I develop rapport with and among participants.

I teach ESL to adults in Australia and overseas (Hong Kong, China & South Korea). My experience started in 1991 after doing a Diploma in Education - TESOL. Recently I worked with CQU delivering an Academic Preparation Program for awardees of the Australia Awards in Mongolia (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade). In addition to teaching I have delivered workshops at a number of conferences for Adult Learning Australia Inc as well as conducted workshops about how to use the study circles method that is well recognised in the US and Sweden.