Nancy Stephan, Deakin University
Teaching vocabulary through song

Via an interactive session where teachers can experience 'being a student', we will see how new vocabulary and 'sayings' can be taught and 'cemented.' The main objective of the session is to show that learning can be extremely 'fun' using tools such as song and also by using the teacher's own personal character to motivate and highlight the meaning of the new vocab and 'sayings'.

The beginning of the session will introduce the new vocabulary and 'sayings' via a guessing game where learners must try and guess the missing words in the song.

I will then give examples to create context of the meanings of the new vocab and sayings. The learners will then listen to the song to see the meaning in action. Learners will then use the new vocab and sayings to write their own 'rap' or to make a story that 'rhymes'.

This will cement the new language in an engaging and fun way as they partner with each other to create something. More new vocabulary will come out of this as they try to find rhyming words. Learners finish by singing the rap to the rest of the class

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resources), Cert IV in Workplace Training & Staff Assessment, CELTA, and Dale Carnegie (How to Win Friends and Influence People).

Prior to teaching in the academic field, I worked in Human Resources (specifically Recruitment and Training). In 2007 I moved to Germany and I took this opportunity to leave behind the corporate HR path and follow my true passion of teaching. I completed the CELTA course and whilst in Germany taught privately and also taught at the University of Stuttgart in English for either English for Conversational or Business Communication purposes (interviewing and negotiating skills).

Since 2012 I have worked for Monash College, Neighbourhood Learning Centres and Deakin University in Melbourne. For the last 3 years at Deakin University I have taught General English to students from elementary to intermediate levels of English speaking ability. I have used the time here to practice, fine tune and trial many ways of teaching EAL and I believe I am now providing high level 'engaging' sessions through some proven techniques."