Catherine Moore, ETS TOEFL
Engaged teachers engaging learners

Engaged teachers engaging learners How can MOOCs be best utilized in a way that is both engaging and contributes effectively to language development? MOOCs provide opportunities for extending learning outside the classroom. They have been used a tool in blending learning solutions and also have possibilities as a resource in a flipped classroom environment. This session will analyse case studies of teachers’ experiences of MOOCs as a tool for their own personal learning and development. It will then explore how to best use these kinds of resources in ways that will both engage their learners, enhance their language learning experience and provide additional opportunities for skills development.

Cath Moore has over 25 years experience in managing and teaching across the English language sector in tertiary, high school, VET and private ELT centres. She is also an experienced assessor across a range of English language proficiency scales. Cath has written a number of accredited English language and literacy courses. She is currently employed as an English Language consultant for ETS TOEFL providing professional development for trainers and workshops to students on strategies for the development of communication skills and preparation for the TOEFL iBT.