Adrienne Harris, The University of Adelaide's ELC
Inspiring independent learning and reflective practice through film blogging

Comprehending independent learning and the ability to self-reflect are essential skills for EAL learners. Nonetheless, these skills can be especially challenging for students whose educational background has been teacher centred and lacked reflective practice. The innovative use of film blogging scaffolds independent learning and assists to develop reflective skills. This talk will highlight film blogging to assist students in goal setting, time management, personal learning reflection and providing feedback to others.

Millennials easily interface with films and enjoy it. Their phones have all the required technology; simply record video and talk to the phone, no editing required. Film blogs create a digital record for students to monitor their own progress and see how much they have improved. Additionally, it allows students to articulate their thoughts, practice spoken communication and presentation skills, pronunciation, vocabulary and authentic language communication and build confidence. The take-away ideas from this talk include inspiring engagement and reflection through the use of film in EAL classrooms. Also, practical tips to troubleshoot and a variety of creative ideas to engage your students in integrating technology with language learning and to form online communities.

Adrienne Harris has worked in the education sector for over a decade. She is devoted to facilitating positive group dynamics and active peer learning in the classroom. Finding creative ways to engage learners is her passion. She has integrated student films into her classes for the last five years. She had worked for various educational providers and across a range of program areas. Currently she works in different roles at Adelaide University.