Louise Pavey, University of Newcastle
I Can Say It Through Music

Louise has created a new approach to help teachers engage their students in improving their speaking. Many sounds in English are not found in other languages and can cause problems for students to be understood when speaking. Her presentation examines some of the problem areas and how simple rhythm and musical activities can improve these obstacles. Louise uses features which are common to both music and language i.e. rhythm, stress, pitch, tone, volume and pauses. Resources and materials are easily accessible for teachers and students to use with no musical ability required. The activities she has created are adaptable for all ages from childhood to adults, and for every learning level.

Learning is hidden through musical activities which can help students gain confidence with difficult words and sounds, and can improve their clarity. She explores the use of gestures similar to choir conducting for student’s fluency and stress. The musical activities she has composed use exercises for tongue and mouth positions which students have not experienced in their own language. The Language Centre at the University of Newcastle has trialled these activities in five special programs for example Conversation with a beat and Pronunciation workshops etc. These activities have resulted in an increase in student self- esteem, morale and improved pronunciation and willingness to speak. In this exciting and entertaining workshop, Louise will demonstrate rhythm activities for difficult sounds for example, ‘th’,’r’ and ‘l’ etc. using cups and chopsticks and body percussion to engage your students.

Louise Pavey has been teaching at the University of Newcastle Language Centre since 2009. She is currently the Elementary Coordinator, combining her musical background of 35 years with ESL teaching. Louise is developing innovative programs using drumming and body percussion rhythms. She has presented at the 2015 EA Conference, the UECA PD Fests in Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne 2016-2017-2018. She was the recipient of ELICOS Award for Excellence in teaching and innovations at the UoN in 2016 She holds a Dip Mus Ed, B Ed (Music), Cert IV TESOL.