Gamze Sayram, MQ ELC
Mindful Learning: Towards Learner Autonomy

Could Mindful Learning be a strategy to initiate autonomy among language learners? There are various studies that support this view. According to one study, 74% of students reported that they enjoyed and benefited from ‘mindfulness training’ (Hubbert & Johnson, 2010).

By incorporating mindful learning strategies, as teachers, we can stimulate brain’s natural ability to learn, reinforce active learning, and help learners develop affective and cognitive factors as well as multiple intelligences.  Mindful learning activities can be integrated as part of the curriculum by reframing the goals and outcomes. The ultimate goal is to enhance learners’ independent learning strategies (Kuyken et al).

In this interactive presentation, I will mainly focus on how teaching mindful learning strategies can help learners to calm their body and mind, reduce stress, how it can develop non-judgemental observation, increase attention and focus and finally, how it can enhance self-regulation.
Gamze A. Sayram is a PhD candidate in Education. She has a background in TESOL, Applied Linguistics program management and research. Her research interests include second language acquisition, bilingualism, learner autonomy, creativity, critical thinking, feedback and assessment, research methodologies, curriculum development, teacher and professional development.