Elisabeth Klepp, UTS: Insearch
Learning to Learn: Developing the student's Independent Approach to Learning

Learning to Learn was developed as a proactive approach providing students with the necessary skills to succeed academically in their course of study at UTS: INSEARCH and beyond. Many of the students who come to study at Insearch have come from countries where the dominate mode of learning is what can be described as ‘passive learning’ rather than critical thinking and engaged learning. Without engagement, the likelihood of success in any particular teaching format becomes problematic.

Learning to Learn promotes:
- Ownership of the learning process and
- Responsibility for individual commitment and performance.

Our students are digital natives and are looking for real-world connections to learning. They want to know how what we’re teaching and why they are studying can be applied to real life. They want to know how it can benefit them beyond school. We aim to encourage lifelong learning. Our methodology is to break down the process of learning and studying into ‘manageable chunks’ as well as to assert that ultimately, learning is the learner’s individual responsibility. This process has been divided into three main components:
- Time Management
- Location Management (a suitable place to study)
- Content Management

The Learning to Learn module aims to provide a deeper understanding of the ways in which we can challenge our students’ current thinking and assist them in learning about their own learning processes, by instructing students on ways to establish manageable study routines and habits, as well as by providing guidance on appropriate resources for independent study.

Lis has over 25 years of experience in the field of education. Graduating from Macquarie University with a BA Dip Ed majoring in Literature and Linguistics, she began her career as an English, History and Drama teacher. After moving out of the high school environment she obtained an Advanced Diploma of TESOL and has taught ESL here and overseas. Lis is currently the Learning Centre Coordinator at UTS: INSEARCH.