Benjamin Colthorpe
Learner Sensory Modality and ELT Practice

This workshop will address learner sensory modality preferences and their implications for 21st century English Language learners. Fleming & Mills (1992) identified 4 perceptual modes; Visual, Aural, Reading/Writing and Kinaesthetic. By helping students to identify and reflect on their inherent modal preferences, they can be encouraged to take control of their language learning by modifying their classroom and self-directed learning strategies to optimise learning outcomes. We will explore practical approaches for teachers and discuss intake and output strategies for students across the ELT spectrum. This workshop, aligned with NEAS Quality Areas A and C; Teaching, Learning and Assessment and Resources and Facilities will facilitate teacher discussion about Diversity and best-practice in ELT.

Ben is a motivated ELT professional with a background in ELICOS teaching in the Higher Education sector and EAL/D teaching in schools. Ben holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics which he achieved with Distinction from the University of Newcastle. Ben is passionate about intercultural communication and is dedicated to supporting positive student experiences of learning English.