Michelle Ocriciano, UNSWIL
From Old to New: Course Design and e-learning tools

In 2013 the then TESOL president Deena Boraie  listed 8 current and recurrent trends in teaching and learning in ESL/EFL. Among these was e-learning which has been part of the ELT world for over 20 years. What initially started as mere experimentation is now a consolidated field of research and practice. So much so that most colleges either have or would like to have an e-learning platform.

At present, learning management systems (LMS) (i.e., Blackboard, Moodle) are the dominant Internet communication system for eLearning activities. With e-learning and LMS being a reality, so is the emergence of discussing the role design plays within it, particularly when it comes to engagement. Whereas most EL teachers are not instructional designers, they certainly possess content expertise. Uniting priceless teachers’ knowledge of both the positive and negative aspects of course books with designing tools allows for the revamping of any course.

The presentation will show how to revamp course books in 3 steps using free, simple, intuitive, yet cutting-edge cloud-based applications. It will focus on teacher-learner consultation, showcasing/scaffolding independent learning tools and aesthetically pleasing and engaging lessons. In addition, participants will be able to download the sample and template used in the presentation together with all links and tools that were described.

Michelle Ocriciano is an EAP teacher at UNSW Institute of Languages. She has taught in various contexts for 17 years in Brazil and Australia.   She holds a B.A. in English and Linguistics, a B.Ed., CELTA, a Graduate Diploma in TEFL and an MA in Technology in Language Teaching. Her fields of interest are Technology in Language Teaching & Learning, Teacher PD, Language Variation and English as Lingua Franca.