Zara Hussain
Using technology to teach pronunciation

The old school, new school pronunciation workshop will explore different ways technology can assist in teaching pronunciation. It will introduce various techniques that can be used in the classroom, on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Bring your mobile and iPad along as you will be introduced to several applications including “ELSA”, an application that focuses on improving student pronunciation. The workshop will also explore the use of video blogging/presentations and the benefits of using mobile technology for pronunciation.

Zara is the Technology Coordinator at DUELI, Deakin University. She is an experienced EAP and General English teacher and aims to integrate new learning technologies into her teaching. Zara started her career as a Civil Engineer before discovering her passion for English teaching. She has completed a Bachelor of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering and a Postgraduate Diploma in TESOL.


Kristian Kirkwood
Digital Games and Spelling

In this session we will look at different forms of technology with a focus on competitive digital games and how these can assist with students spelling. This session fits into the theme of 'Old problems' where many teachers are still using traditional styles of spelling revision which many students find repetitive and boring VS the 'New solution' which is making use of digital technology in the classroom . I have presented this topic at both the 21st Academic Conference and TESOL Arabia in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2015 and 2016.

Kristian has taught ESL for the past 20 years in Japan,Korea, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. He has a keen interest in how digital games can assist students in their learning and is currently in the final stages of a PhD looking at how Digital Games can assist students in second language acquisition with a focus on Arab learners and spelling.