Stephen Lock
Practical Guidelines for Designing Computer-mediated Quizzes

This workshop will introduce the MUELC Computer-mediated Quiz Design Guidelines and give participants a chance to apply them to authentic teaching tasks. The aim of this resource is to use assessment design principles as guidance in the construction of computer-mediated quizzes that enable and promote learning and provision of formative feedback. Most of the advice however, could also be applied to paper-based assessment design.

The guidelines are the result of the MUELC Learning Engagement Team’s combined experience of online quiz construction, web-based advice from prominent instructional designers and academic papers on the subject. The guidelines are a work in progress, an ongoing project of refinement as technology advances.

This workshop will begin by giving participants an overview of the guidelines followed by activities using the guidelines in a variety of authentic situations to give practical advice. The participants will analyse real-life question items created either for training modules or language learners, and evaluate their efficacy against the Quiz Design Guidelines.The workshop will also provide some insights into data driven quiz design by looking at how poorly designed short answer algorithms affect marking and impact students’ motivation.

Stephen Lock has 20 years’ experience teaching English to diverse groups of tertiary students in Australia, East Asia and the Middle East. During this time, Stephen has specialised in e-learning, curriculum design and teacher training. He has designed and produced numerous online e-learning resources and apps and has published in professional journals and reference books in the areas of e-learning, task-based language learning, independent learning and teacher training. Stephen is currently an e-Learning Coordinator at Monash University English Language Centre.