Margot Palmer
Giving Feedback

The focus of this presentation is to explore the alternative methods of feedback, whole class, verbal recorded and recycling feedback. It will show how each method could be used and give student’s feedback on the feedback as well as discussing the positives and negatives of each approach.

This session will explore alternative methods of giving feedback for writing and speaking tasks in addition to the tradiditonal correction code. The methods that will be discussed include whole class feedback, verbal-recorded feedback and recycling feedback. Real student scripts will be showed to illustrate the method as well as low, mid, and high tech approaches to each method. The positives and negatives of each approach will be presented as well as the feedback that the students gave on the various methods of feedback.

Hopefully you will walk away from this session keen to try at least one method to add variety to your classes.

Margot Palmer has over 8 years’ experience as a language teacher and has taught General English, Cambridge preparation and has been an e-learning Team Leader. She has taught all over Australia as well as in Japan, Singapore and Japan.

She is currently the Director of Studies of the University of Melbourne Bridging Program at Hawthorn Melbourne and is studying her DELTA.