An Sneyers
Embracing Learner Autonomy

In the way we teach there is a strong focus on language skills, while that which underpins those skills is often overlooked: teaching thinking skills which build students’ ability to create and drive their own learning. As a result, students rely heavily on the teacher to tell them what to do, and they turn to us to help them feel engaged with the learning process. However, if they want to go to university and be successful, a heavy reliance on their teacher is something that will likely stand in the way.

This workshop will offer three thinking frameworks through which the presenter has been helping her students embrace learner autonomy, and move past fear to drive their own learning: “The Box”, “The Funnel”, and “Empowerment Questions”. Attendees will explore how these frameworks can be applied in their classrooms in various aspects of the learning process.

An Sneyers has worked in language education for over 10 years, and runs a successful part-time business as a Mindset Coach. Having started her life in Australia as an exchange student herself, An understands better than anyone the challenges international students face when adapting to life in Australia. Her interest in the human mind and human behaviour drives her to continuously innovate in her approach to teaching, and is also a driving factor in her current participation in the 2017 EA Action Research in ELICOS Program.