Vesna Stefanov
Embedding and Facilitating Feedback

On a regular basis, all students are faced with the risk of failing and the various emotions that are encompassed by this fear. Simultaneously, this same ‘fear’ comes over teachers, student advisors/counsellors and management who are often faced with having to deal with students whose expectations, plans, commitments and realities are shattered when the failure occurs. Students come to us seeking answers and resolutions, and in many cases, we deal with the finality of the result rather than track their progress or equip them with the skills to self-reflect, develop and improve at a reasonable and realistic pace.

In this process, providing regular feedback becomes our key instrument in facilitating their progress, and yet, how meaningful is the feedback we provide? How collaborative is the feedback process? And are our students actively engaging or utilising it effectively? Whether it is teacher-led, peer or self-reflective/evaluative feedback, this plays a vital role in every student’s development through not only their language studies, but also later into their chosen fields of study and/or work.

This session will be a workshop/ discussion to share ideas and evaluate how we can develop, improve and simply find the time to embed giving and facilitating feedback.

Vesna Stefanov has been in the ELICOS industry for over 15 years in roles ranging from teacher, teacher trainer, program manager, and curriculum and assessment developer. Aside from being a self-confessed grammar and language nerd, her interests lie in helping students develop their digital literacy skills, as well as their level of engagement in the broader academic, social and cultural context of Australia and beyond.