Jennifer Coster & Sophie O'Keefe
Raising the standard: introducing English Australia’s Continuing Professional Development Framework and how it has been adopted around Australia

At the end of 2016 English Australia launched its new comprehensive English Australia Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework designed with a view to raise standards of teaching practice at an individual, institutional, and industry level. The CPD Framework has been adopted by a number of colleges around Australia, others are working through how it might sit with their existing performance review and professional development programs, and some are still figuring out where to start.

In this presentation we will take you through the rationale for developing the Framework, address the key assumptions that underpin it, demonstrate how it can be used to target teachers PD needs and access resources and take you through how different colleges, varying in size and budgets, are adopting the framework into their own CPD programs. Time for questions and feedback from the audience will be provided along with discussion about the future direction of the Framework.

Jennifer Coster, Deputy Director, English, Monash University English Language Centre
Jennifer joined Monash College in 2001. She has a Master of Education (TESOL), a Graduate Certificate in TESOL, Trinity Certificate in TESOL and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology & Sociology). Jennifer has been working for seventeen years with the College where she started as an ESL teacher, and then moved into educational leadership. Jennifer is a member of English Australia’s Professional Development Advisory group and an active member of the Victorian branch of English Australia. Jennifer was involved in the development of the CPD Framework and is in the early stages of adopting the Framework at Monash.

Sophie O’Keefe is the Professional Development Manager at English Australia. In 2016, she worked with a committee of teacher trainers and academic managers to develop the English Australia CPD Framework (Continuing Professional Development Framework) for teachers. Having been an ELICOS teacher and academic manager in the past, she firmly believes in the potential of professional learning and engagement to help keep that teaching spark alive.