Kimberley Masters & Brooke Naylor
What is Phonetics? What is Phonology?

For many teachers, a lack of awareness and understanding of the theory and fundamentals of sound articulation leads to a lack of confidence and ultimate avoidance around teaching it.  Consequently this is an area which is seriously under-developed in English language teaching, affecting both teachers and students. The aim of this presentation is to empower teachers with some fundamental knowledge in order to be able to in turn empower their students.
This presentation and workshop will provide an introduction to the basic concepts of phonetics and phonology with a focus on articulation within theoretical frameworks. It will then provide hands-on demonstration of activities that work with different types of students at different levels. Teachers will have the opportunity to discuss and explore principles and new approaches that will boost confidence and encourage skill development which they can apply directly in their teaching.

Brooke Naylor has taught ESL for over 20 years, including general English, IELTS preparation, English preparation for high school and the Australian Migrant English Program. She completed an honours research project in psycholinguistics which explored phonetics and speech perception in second language learners. Brooke currently teaches university direct entry programs at UNSW. She loves teaching pronunciation and likes to balance technical elements with fun in the classroom.

Kimberley Masters has taught general, business and academic English and IELTS preparation in Japan, France and Sydney for over 15 years. She is currently doing her Masters in TESOL at UNSW. She has taught university direct entry programs at UNSW for the last 6 years. She has a passion for teaching pronunciation and occasionally teaches dedicated pronunciation classes at UNSW.