Vicki Dritsas
Mindfulness – An ELTeaching & Learning toolkit

Coaching, and not just teaching is probably the most important tool an ELT professional can hone. This session will equip you with a simple toolkit to practise effective positive reinforcement in your teaching, and help learners achieve mindfulness and self-determination in their language acquisition goals.  The theory of brain plasticity (cutting-edge research in neuroscience) points to the achievability of this teaching and learning methodology, where guided self-directed learning is the basis for sustainable language change. Very few of us, both learners and teachers, are fully self-aware and cognizant of the true drivers of learning so miss opportunities for successful and sustainable language development.  EL teachers can guide the most problematic learners to disengage from negative self-talk and action - the uncontrolled need for instant self-gratification with phubbing (phone-snubbing with cell-phone/social media addiction) and unhygienic sleep-eat-recreation-work cycles. To break these established patterns, our learners need to use their brain's higher order executive function.

Session outline: Theory & Research - neuroscience & mindfulness in education; Mindfulness Breathing, Body Scan exercise & Mind over matter exercise; Teachings - student-centred approach & non-directive management models; Scenarios.    

Dritsas, Vasiliki - M of Ed (TESOL ), at RMIT English Worldwide (REW) since July 2011 as a Language Educator and Assistant ILC Coordinator, February 2012 - March 2014. Her REW career highlights include: contributing to REW On-Call; Intake Day/Enrolment; REW Community administrator and Delivering PD sessions "Beyond the Classroom" & "Google Drive Experience". From October 1993 July 2011, She worked at Taylors College in Year 10-12 English/EAL and in the English Language Centre. Her career began in 1985 in Secondary schools, teaching Year 7-12 English, EAL, SOSE & Commerce and now spans Secondary, Tertiary and Vocational &Training.