SESSION 1B - Empowering Teachers

Aparna Jacob
What getting out of the classroom taught me about teachers

Most managers will admit that stepping outside the classroom has offered them a very different perspective of students, their organisation and the ELICOS industry. They will also agree that it has helped them develop renewed appreciation and respect for the crucial role that their teachers play and the unique vantage point that being a teacher offers.
This presentation aims to empower teachers by offering them insights into their managers’ minds and capturing the hopes they have for their teachers as well as their frustrations. The aim here is to applaud teachers for the work they already do but also alert them to the opportunities that lie within their classroom and beyond.
The first part of this session will explore commonly held beliefs about the relationship between teachers and their managers and look at what works, what doesn’t and why.
The second part will look at how teachers can develop their knowledge and skills to be able to manage their managers’ expectations, their own growth and development and become active participants in building an organisation that they are proud to be a part of.

Aparna Jacob has been working in the ELICOS sector in Australia since 2008 and is currently an Education Manager (Pathway Programs) at the Centre for English Teaching at the University of Sydney. She was most recently the Professional Support & Development Officer at English Australia. Aparna holds an International Diploma in Language Teaching Management from ICTE, University of Queensland and is now pursuing an MBA from Deakin University with a leadership specialisation.