Luigina Amadio
The three Rs: Rolling with resistance, reflection and resilience = student and teacher wellbeing

International students find themselves in an academic context which is unfamiliar. This can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and maladaptive strategies that hinder their learning. Teachers also find themselves misunderstanding cues from students, acting on assumptions and losing focus in their teaching. Cognitive behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques can be used to overcome these obstacles and increase both student and teacher wellbeing.

This session will give teachers hands-on practice with CBT techniques that can be applied in an educational context. Motivational interviewing (MI), thought challenging, unhelpful thinking styles and resilience building will be included. Teachers will be expected to work in pairs or groups and participate in completing the exercises introduced in the session. PowerPoint will be used to guide activities.

Brief overviews of CBT theory behind exercises will be given but the session will be primarily workshop in style of delivery. Teachers will come away with a CBT toolkit for the classroom.

Luigina Amadio has over 20 years experience in International Education, in both teaching and management of programs. Luigina has a background in education and mental health and is applying cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques to teaching to increase both student and teacher wellbeing. She works across programs at Professional and Continuing Education at the University of Adelaide.