Adrienne Harris
The use of film to promote creative education and language use

The use of film within the classroom facilitates a range of educational opportunities including creativity, self-reflection and peer feedback. It provides authentic language practice with contextualisation of various situations as per the task requirements. Mobile phones are used to create films, so students already have the technology required. Students create meaningful English texts to share and film introduces a dynamic and fun edge to the classroom. As a tool film provides the opportunity for students to reflect and improve on their own oral discourse and share social and cultural experiences. It encourages students to take self-responsibility for their learning and is a powerful tool in terms of presentation skills, pronunciation and making meaning. Filming oral presentations permits learners to recognise their own errors in pronunciation, grammar and delivery, which is a potent self-assessment learning tool. It also means they can track their speaking progress. The ability to share their social and study life experiences develops a greater awareness of life beyond the classroom. Film brings students’ experiences to life like no other medium can do and can help to facilitate social bonds and class cohesion. This talk will outline the use of film to promote creative education and language use. It will outline simple techniques to incorporate using film in the classroom that can be managed by the teacher or students by posting private videos on a personal You Tube account.

Adrienne Harris has worked in the education sector for almost a decade. She is devoted to facilitating positive group dynamics and peer learning in the classroom. Finding creative ways to engage learners is her passion. She has worked for a number of educational providers in Adelaide and across a range of programs in the ELICOS area. Currently she works at Professional and Continuing Education on the Pre-Enrolment Program, and facilitates tutorials for the Business school at Adelaide University.