Angela Nicholls
"The Artists Way" - enhancing students’ learning outcomes and teachers’ creativity.

Many artistic people during the period of their lives become blocked or feel stagnant. Julie Cameron wrote a handbook known as the “The Artists Way” which has many processes, tools and techniques which when done over a period of 12 weeks, stimulate and enhance creativity. As a painter, in her free time, Angela Nicholls has used the techniques personally to enhance her creativity. However, over the past few years she has realised that some of the precepts of the “Artists Way” have materialised into activities, which can stimulate student’s creativity, confidence, self-awareness and empowerment. Some of these techniques are also valuable for teachers when they need new ideas, perspectives or materials. This talk will highlights some of the concepts of “The Artists Way” and how they can be modified into activities to enhance students’ learning outcomes and teachers’ creativity.

Angela Nicholls is currently an Academic English Teacher on the Pre-enrolment Program for International Students at PCE. She has over 17 years of teaching experience in Australia and Japan in arenas such as ESL, Business English, working with New Arrivals and Academic English. She has a strong interest in the creative arts, travel and empowerment.