Suzanne Piovesan
Exploring the dynamics of teaching partnerships or “co-teaching”: Implications for teaching and learning.

This presentation will explore the ways in which a particular style of co-teaching (teaching partnerships) benefits and challenges teachers both in their peer working relationships and teaching roles. It will be supported by findings from a recent small scale primary research survey of a cohort of 159 PEP students and 20 teachers. A definition of “co-teaching” will be examined together with a background on co-teaching in the PEP program. Factors that either enhance or interfere with good teaching partnerships will be considered, along with teachers’ perceptions of their consistency as a team in a range of practices. The perceptions that students’ have on a number of learning factors, including feedback comments and assessment, in relation to being taught by two teachers, will also be identified. Some practical recommendations that address the issues will be discussed. When well managed, teaching partnerships can be beneficial for both teachers and their students.

Suzanne Piovesan is currently teaching in the Pre-Enrolment English Program, University of Adelaide (PEP). She has more than 20 years of combined teaching experience in High School Education and with adult learners, including adult literacy and numeracy students, migrants and international students. Since 2006, she has contributed to the development of the PEP curriculum and recently has taken on an Assistant Co-ordinator role during the second semester of 2015. She holds a B.A. with a major in English and History, and a Graduate Diploma in Education from The University of Adelaide, as well as a Graduate Certificate in TESOL from Tabor College Adelaide.