Jock Boyd
Transmedia Learning in a virtual ESL classroom

Transmedia learning is comprised of intelligent, adaptive environments that employ a student’s cultural footprint to co-create a shared story using various social media touch points to facilitate learning. The presentation outlines an action research that involved scaffolding a reflective inquiry amongst Design Direct Entry Pathway students at Torrens University Language Centre. The students integrated three social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to create an cohesive story about three institutions The MCA, The Powerhouse Museum and The White Rabbit Gallery. The investigation highlighted why digital footprints, cultural signposts, social media, and transmedia learning are needed to understand relevant learning in virtual environments. The Investigation introduces ideas that may impact the design of culturally-aware social media technology for learning within distributed ecosystems.

Jock’s creative yet focused approach to his work is most apparent in his skills to design, plan and facilitate exciting Moodle sessions for students which stimulate creative and innovative thinking and encourages students to take ownership of their own process and journey through their learning. Jock’s focus is always on the experience of the individual and the group, and the value that they get from it. Jock uses his innovative and creative skills in doing this and his knowledge of appreciative inquiry to successfully engage students.