Session 4C
Title: UWS College presents Tech Tools for Creative Spaces.

Student engagement is a priority for all teachers. Technology has afforded language teachers creative engagement opportunities that never existed before. Rather than being a distraction in the learning environment, technology presents EAP teachers pedagogically sound opportunities to be creative in their teaching. Teachers are now using technology in their classrooms to redefine the learning experience of their learners. Student learning outcomes can now be reflected in their creation of movies, infographics, interactive posters, presentations and timelines.

This workshop will present some strategies that open the creative potential of smart devices in the classroom. The activities in this workshop are designed to reflect the learning outcomes that are expected of EAP students. Participants will have the opportunity to discover and use a range of tech tools that are certain to give their classes a more creative flavour. Attendees do not need any prior experience of using technology.

Participants in this workshop are encouraged to bring wi-fi enabled smart devices to this workshop, however, provision will be made for attendees who do not have a smart device.

John O' Connor started teaching in 1995. He has taught EAP courses in UWS College, Westmead, since 2009. Over the past year he has worked as a trainer on a Blended Learning Project. The focus of this project is to train UWS College English Programs teaching staff in the use of technology in the classroom. John shares his tech knowledge and team teaches with educators who are passionate about bringing engaging and meaningful learning experiences to their students.