Lunchtime Presentation

Antony Tibbs and Sarah Chamberlain


Postgraduate and undergraduate students enrolled in the Technology and Language Learning subject at University of Melbourne have constructed websites collaboratively as part of their course to help train teachers in using technology in their language classes. Two groups plan to showcase their websites to teachers at the UECA PD Fest. Both are aimed at addressing some of the central issues in computer assisted language learning today: teacher training and teacher confidence.

The first website addresses how teachers and learners can critically evaluate and best take advantage of the language learning apps that are available online and on various app stores. Some examples are Babbel and the Yugambeh native language app. Our focus is on reviewing them in the framework of best practices in Second Language Acquisition and with regards to particular language skills, to help teachers and learners evaluate how to integrate them into the learning process. Attendants should feel more confident of assessing any app or website they come across from a language learning perspective after our presentation.

The second website aims to train teachers how to use technological tools such such as Qiuza, SPSS and Moodle for language learning in a non-threatening way. The website will feature video tutorials for teachers to enable them to successfully access these tools in order to enhance student learning. The workshop shall demonstrate how the website can be used as a professional development activity for both experienced in inexperienced teachers.

Antony Tibbs and Sarah Chamberlain are enrolled in the unit Technology and Language Learning at University of Melbourne.