Session 4B

Julia Gardiner, Swinburne

Session Title:
The magic of the QR code

QR (quick response) codes are ubiquitous. Most people have a QR code reader on their phone. It‘s a great web 2.0 tool for use in a learning context too. No longer do you have to fight for access to a computer lab or even for a classroom! Why not have your next lesson in a park or on a train? The possibilities are myriad as long as your learners have access to a phone. You can encode a range of text types - visuals, written and spoken - using pre-existing resources or creating your own. Students too can create their own codes. The codes can be used for a range of activities and interactions both in and outside class, and make it much easier to target the specific needs and learning preferences of your learners by facilitating both remediation and extension, and offering varied activities, simultaneously. QR codes are also useful for providing feedback to students, who in turn could give their feedback to your feedback!

QR code readers and QR code creators are free and easy to use. Currently l am using them for assessment feedback and classroom lessons. In the pipeline for this term:

• students producing coded content for use in the classroom ( produsage model of learning)
• project work - both teacher and student developed
• excursions (structuring an excursion e.g. exploring the NGV or Melbourne Laneways)

ETL was my ‘second life’ after working as an actor and sometimes director/writer for 15 years. In my present incarnation I identify as ‘a Masters qualified English language professional with considerable experience across a wide range of teaching, curriculum development, and management and supervisory roles within the TESOL/TEAL context both in Australia and overseas’. I worked at RMIT English Worldwide in a range of roles (teaching, curriculum and management) from 1995 to 2011 and currently call Swinburne University – PAVE, home. I have an especial interest in the integration of technologies into the curriculum. Days off, I like taking photos!