Session 2C

Thom Roker

Session Title:
Teacher Reluctance to Integrate Technology into Pedagogy: exploring the ELICOS digital landscape.

Technology is becoming ubiquitous in the contemporary ELICOS Classroom as modern learners have come to expect a dynamic blended learning experience. However, there is a tremendous gulf between Learners' technological engagement and Teachers' ability to integrate technology effectively into their pedagogy. This proposed workshop will aim to address these issues and demonstrate actionable solutions.

KAOS- Students come in all shapes and sizes, so there are issues of equity to address with regard to access to hardware, software, wifi etc. They also have differing levels of computer literacy and there is often a significant lack of material in the curriculum to remedy this. I will cover these and other related issues, share the findings of my research and seek to hear about successful solutions from attendees.

CONTROL -Teachers are the warm bodies expected to carry out extraordinary innovation with the integration of technology into lessons, Independent Learning, formative assessment and supplementary resources for outdated curriculums. They have many of the same issues as students have, with regard to prior learning, access to professional development and mentoring, it is just that there are different labels for it all.

This workshop will expose, debate and escalate the impediments to getting entire teaching cohorts to adapt and adopt technology use in their daily lessons. Up to date research will underpin the recommendations and philosophies, with a current project on this very topic to give actual evidence and credence to the outcomes. Most of all, the central aim is to make participants aware of their obligations to themselves, each other, their students and, perhaps above all, to their management.

Thom Roker is an ELICOS Journeyman of 17 years experience. A graduate of Griffith University, he has worked for RMIT English Worldwide, Monash College and his own Online Tuition business, since 2010.

For the past year, he has studied at RMIT doing a Graduate Diploma in Adult and Vocational Education and Training and is upgrading to a Diploma of TESOL as well, with major fields of research in Learning and Teaching Methods, plus eLearning and Flexible Delivery.

Thom has delivered Professional Development Presentations and Workshops for English Australia, Victorian Branch and National Conference in 2014, REW in 2013 and Monash College in 2014.