Session 2B

Gwenny Warnick, RMIT English Worldwide

Session Title:
Titillating Technology

Technology can be a scintillating addition to a classroom. Some platforms are particularly engaging in a language learning context, such as Padlet, Socrative, and Kahoot, not to mention the layered reality world of Aurasma. BYOD and come explore the ways these apps can help you facilitate learning for your students in a fun and useful way.
*please download the apps before the session if possible*

Gwenny began her teaching career in music, teaching instrumental and classroom music to high school and primary school students. Her love of travel and language led her to TESOL, which she started in the Czech Republic and continued briefly in the UK, before moving back to Queensland then finally ending up in magical Melbourne. She loves tinkering with technology and is currently the ILC Teacher for RMIT English Worldwide.