Session 1D

Margaret Kinvig

Session Title:
Games, structures & ideas

After teaching for a few years teachers develop a set of tried and tested games and activities. They are known to work, are safe and eventually becomeā€¦ boring.

This workshop allows participants to share and explore different activity structures that can be used across a wide variety of content areas and ELICOS contexts.

Participants should come prepared to exchange their much-loved games, structures and ideas. Old favourites may be remembered and new darlings contributed by fellow participants. Participants can expect to find inspiration lurking in the most unlikely of places.

This session will be facilitated through a range of potential new energising structures that participants can start using in their classes on Monday.

Margaret has spent the past 12 years working in adult education. She has experience across a range of sectors including vocational education and training, higher education, adult LLN and most recently working with NEAS and the AMEP program. Her experience in these sectors ranges from teaching roles to senior management roles, always with a view to quality student outcomes. She is passionate about education and working to help students achieve their desired outcomes.