Session 1C

Ken Trolland & Tran Nguyen, Deakin University English language Institute (DUELI)

Session Title:
Using Kahoot in the EAL Classroom

Kahoot is an example of an educational tool that encourages learning via gamification. It allows teachers to create quizzes, discussion boards and surveys which students can easily access in the classroom from their electronic devices. Most importantly, it is a free platform sans any advertisements or need for sign-up.

As the application is quite user friendly, not only can teachers of varying IT skill levels create their own Kahoots, but students can also generate their own as well for their classmates to play. Also, being a very popular resource, there are already millions of public Kahoots at your disposal which you can filter through to find one suitable to your lesson without the need for creating one.

This interactive session will demonstrate the e-learning app as it would be used in a class and then participants will be shown how to set up an account and observe the process of creating a kahoot. The session will then divide up the participants into smaller groups where they will have the opportunity to create their own on iPads provided. They would then administer their kahoots on their fellow peer members.

Ken Trolland has worked in the international education sector in Australia, South East Asia, the Middle East and the UK. Currently Ken is the Technology Coordinator at Deakin University English Language Centre. His interests include using technology as a tool to engage students in the language classroom.

Tran Nguyen is currently an English Language teacher and the ELICOS co-ordinator at Deakin University English Language Centre. Since graduating in 2013 from the University of Melbourne, she has taught in a range of higher education providers within that limited amount of time such as Trinity College, La Trobe University, and La Trobe Melbourne. Her exposure to such a variety of settings has made her constantly strive to discover applications/programs that can redefine classroom activities.