Session 1B

Ali Sahahsavand, Discover English

Session Title:
Promoting learner autonomy through mobile phones, both within and outside the classroom.

We are living in a world today where mobile phones are omnipresent. Due to this ubiquitous presence phrases such as “free time” and “break time” need to be subtitled with “e-time”. Infusing mobile phones into education, both within the classroom and outside of it, would facilitate English language learning of the contemporary learners to a great deal. I am currently making extensive use of mobile phones in my teaching, and only last week one of my students said: "Thank you Ali, I now feel that I am in class all the time even when I am on the tram or in bed, because I am learning all the time!"

Adults are more self-directing. Not long ago, we started shifting from a teacher-centred classroom to a more humanist approach to learning and education, a more student-centred classroom, where learners are encouraged to be more autonomous.

This workshop is mainly aimed at reminding ourselves that we can have a fresh view to mobile phone technology, and use it as a very powerful tool to not only engage and motivate our students but also to make learning part of their daily lives in a safe social environment where they can be supported by their peers and teachers.

I have taught for just over 16 years in various countries such as England (Norwich City) Iran (Tehran), UAE (Dubai) and Australia (Melbourne). I have also also worked as an IELTS Examiner, head teacher and a teacher trainer. Language learning through technology, in particular smartphone applications and online teaching, always interested me. Another field I am interested in is IELTS and PTE Academic preparation courses.