Session 3D
Title: Building a Quality Culture

It’s often said that change is achieved by “changing the people or changing the people.” People embrace change most effectively, when meaning and value are applied to the nature of the change.

The most effective method of achieving an organisation-wide commitment to quality is harnessing "the ways things are done around here". Recognising that people want to do a good job, and then giving them the tools, scope, responsibility and support to achieve great outcomes, sits at the heart of creating a quality culture.

The easiest way to meet the compliance requirements of government, peak bodies and quality assurance agencies, is to build processes that support them. The easiest way to exceed those requirements, and to create a sustainable competitive advantage, is to create a culture around them.

Mark Raven commenced as Chief Executive with NEAS Ltd (National ELT Accreditation Scheme) in September 2013, with the brief to undertake a strategic re-positioning and turnaround, after having built the Academy business to be acquired by global education provider Kaplan Inc in 2012.

Mark is a highly experienced senior business executive, working closely with blue-chip corporate clients, government departments and education providers to satisfy their strategic and organisational development objectives. He has a history of major project successes with local and offshore-listed corporations, addressing quality assurance, leadership, management, change and marketing related development initiatives. He was responsible for building a multi-million dollar accredited training and organisational development (OD) firm, employing industry leading OD practitioners, marketers and compliance experts.