Workshop 3E

Title:Quick Student Response Tools: From Coloured Card and Paper Planes to High Tech Apps

With the increasing need for English language centres to comply with national and institutional quality assurance frameworks, it is more necessary than ever to make use of student feedback response systems. This is important not only to comply with teaching quality audits and performance reviews, but also to inform teaching practice. The use of ongoing classroom assessment is also a way to monitor and facilitate students’ understanding of important concepts during class and to improve instruction (Angelo & Cross, 1993; Davis et al., 1983; Wilson, 1986). In this presentation I will show participants how to use a variety of low and high tech tools to collect useful feedback from students’ classroom experiences and language learning. I will also show how student responses can be used as input in the classroom, particularly in the area of writing. Participants will come away with knowledge of and skills in online response tools such as Google form, Apps like Socrative┬« and some traditional paper based methods.

Darren Brookes is the eLearning and Multimedia Coordinator for English Language Programs (ELP) at QUT International College in Brisbane. This is an academic leadership role, which encourages and supports college staff in the use of e-learning, m-learning and multimedia. He is a regular presenter at EA PD Fest days in Brisbane and has also presented at QATESOL events. He also co-presented at the 2011 Cambodia TESOL conference in Phnom Penh on student learning strategies. Darren holds a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Queensland and has extensive experience as a teacher, teacher trainer and coordinator.