Workshop 3D
Title: Blended Learning in Action

This workshop is a presentation of the blended learning functionality of the UTS:Insearch new Academic English (AE) curriculum.

The UTS:Insearch AE curriculum has been designed to be delivered using a multi-platform mode incorporating face-to-face teaching where all materials are accessible via Blackboard using UTS-Online and Balckboard Mobile Learn. Students can preview, review and extend all course materials anytime, anywhere (in bed, at the beach, on the train or in a plane) using mobile iPhones, iPads and of course personal computers and laptops.

Following several years as a high school language and ESL teacher, Lachlan Kalache joined UTS:Insearch in 2008 as coordinator of the Learning Centre. He has lectured for the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) in several subjects relating to eLearning and technology integration into traditional learning and teaching contexts. He holds a Masters in Teaching (LOTE & TESOL), a Master of Arts in eLearning and is nearing completion of a third Masters in Educational Leadership & Management, from UTS. Lachlan is a passionate educational technologist and has been delivering both teacher and student workshops in a large variety of software and hardware applications for several years. As Blended Learning Coordinator for the recent ELT Curriculum Project at Insearch, Lachlan was responsible for digitising and integrating all of the curriculum content into the Blackboard Learning Management System and enabling accessibility across multiple mobile platforms.