Workshop 3B
Title: Managing Feedback on Students’ Writing

Teachers of intermediate Academic English students often find themselves repeatedly correcting the same errors from one student assignment to the next. When students receive feedback from marked assignments, they may be told to review errors to prepare for the subsequent assignment.  However, generally, students seem to be unable to  successfully act on feedback received from the marked writing.     

The implementation of the Writing Progress Diary provides the opportunity for students to carefully study feedback received on their writing.  After they receive feedback, students record the type of error, its frequency and future action to be taken to avoid making the particular error again. This data increases the students' awareness of their own language needs.  Once students learn to use the Diary, they are empowered to select and focus on their errors to systematically eliminate them.

Maria Greenaway has a B.A. and  Dip. Ed. From Sydney University, CELTA and DELTA  Cambridge University, and has been a teacher at UTS:Insearch for over 15 years.
During my time working at UTS:Insearch, I have taught foreign language learners from beginner  to advanced levels, including test classes such as IELTS and the Cambridge Suite exams. I have also assisted in the writing of course materials and curriculum development for the lower levels.  My particular interest is in assisting learners to increase their awareness of the written mistakes they make, so that they can systematically reduce them from their writing.