Workshop 2C
Title: Assessment for Learning

Assessment for Learning (AfL) is underpinned by the belief that all students can achieve. Drawing upon socio-cultural theory, AfL seeks opportunities for language to be assessed more fairly through interaction to find out where learners are in their learning, where they are going, and how best to get them there. In AfL, the focus of assessment shifts from the administration of results to the improvement of teaching & learning, calling into question the assessment procedures commonly found in our schools. While AfL need not replace all the things we do, it does require a rethink of the links between teaching, learning & assessment; challenging established notions of secrecy, reliability & validity in assessment. In this presentation, I will outline the key principles of Assessment for Learning, then guide participants through some of the innovations UTS:Insearch is using to infuse AfL into its academic English programs. I will also offer some AfL strategies to use in your classrooms.


Jason Longmore is an ELT Teacher and Assessment Coordinator for the curriculum project at UTS:INSEARCH in Sydney. He recently completed a MEd in Applied Linguistics at UNSW, where he was inspired by Prof Chris Davison's work in Assessment for Learning. He also holds a MA by research on Japanese sojourners, a BEd in ESL & Japanese, and a BA with Honours. He has worked in L2 education since 1996 in a range of public high schools and universities.