Workshop 1E
Title: Designing Course Materials

UTS:INSEARCH has just completed a full review of its curriculum; a total of 1000 hours of new course work for its Academic English program.  The creation of materials took 18 months to completion, starting with initial planning, methodology and syllabus design, moving into an extensive writing and trialing phase, followed by a proofing and editing phase, and ending with quality control and publication.

While few schools have the time or money to implement such large-scale changes to their curriculum, many teachers in the field of TESOL are nevertheless constantly creating new materials for their students. This presentation aims to share some of the lessons learned in this project. It gives tips on how to create better looking lessons with little effort, the importance of peer feedback in the pre-trialing process and the value of creating materials specifically tailored to your own context.

Macgregor Haines is an ELT Program Coordinator at UTS:INSEARCH. He recently completed his Masters of Education (Applied Linguistics) at the University of New South Wales. He has taught in Japan, Hong Kong, France and Australia. He is currently working on a curriculum review of the Academic English program at UTS:INSEARCH.