Workshop 1D
Title: The Networked Teacher

This interactive workshop explores the notion of a community of practice tailored to the evolving needs of the individual teacher, trainer or manager, whose interests and interactions in turn contribute to the strength of the community. Drawing on the concept of  ‘the networked teacher’ (Couros, 2008), participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own personal learning network (PLN) and collaborate on ideas for how a more fully ‘connected’ environment could benefit them in terms of professional support and development. Using a range of online platforms, participants will explore a real community specifically geared towards helping ELT professionals from Australia and beyond to connect, share ideas and learn from each other (‘AusELT’). Attendees will participate in a live demonstration of how the AusELT community interacts on social media, and will be able to contribute their ideas for future ‘chat’ topics and projects within the community. They will leave the workshop with an expanded PLN and a number of ‘meeting points’ to help them continue to access the network in the way that best suits them.

Karen Benson has worked as a teacher, senior teacher and academic manager in ELICOS centres in Australia. She is passionate about lifelong learning and is interested in accessible professional development. She is currently the DoS at Strathfield College.

Sophia Khan is a freelance editor, teacher and teacher trainer and has worked in the UK, France and Australia. She is currently editor of the Classroom Talk and Reviews sections of the English Australia Journal.