Workshop 1C
Title: Embedding Independent Learning

Have we been silencing our students? Often Asian students are stereotyped as passive, non-critical learners. There have been attempts to explain this apparent lack of class participation and ability to critically analyse materials by means of contrastive analysis of preferred learning styles and cultural stereotypes. Those who endorse such a view are implicitly embracing a cultural-deficit approach in their teaching.
In order to create a more dialogical and collaborative learning environment, the UTS:Insearch Curriculum Review Project introduced an ‘Independent Learning’ stream to aid students in their transition to the Australian university context. This paper will discuss the stream’s rationale, constraints and practical applications.

Giselle Carnemolla has been teaching EAP at UTS: Insearch since 2008. She began work on the Curriculum Review Project in 2011 and set up the 'Independent Learning' stream. Previously she worked as part of a curriculum review team in the Language Teacher Education Department at UNSWIL where she reviewed and re-wrote part of their Certificate of TESOL. For International House in Milan she established the framework for Business English courses. Her interests in learner autonomy, critical thinking and academic English was founded in her Masters studies at UTS.