Workshop 1A
Title: Using JJ Wilson’s “How to Teach Listening”

I love JJ Wilson’s reference books, especially “How to Teach Listening”.  His practical and engaging activities are great for any teachers, but more so for those who are newly qualified and interested in expanding their teaching resources.  Two years ago, I attended a talk given by Wilson and came away with a whole bundle of exciting hands-on activities which have been invaluable in all my subsequent classes.

In this presentation for early career teachers, I would like to share some of those fun and engaging activities and, with the help of a smartphone or tablet, apply them to textbooks as well as authentic texts such as news articles.  The main idea is for the participants to engage with the same text several times, each time drawing out new target information for learning.  In addition to material taken from Wilson’s book, the session will introduce a small selection of activities from other sources to be integrated into a full lesson.

The session will begin with participants listening to a text, followed by a series of activities taken from Wilson, focussing on different aspects of language in the text and conclude with a series of exercises using the target material in spoken and written communication.

Fee-Phang Chew has extensive experience in teaching students from various backgrounds with special focus on functional uses of language. His specialises in hands-on activities that genuinely involve the students. He emphasizes the practical side of learning for second language learners. Fee has taught in the ESL Industry for over 5 years and is currently with Kaplan. He holds a Bachelor’s degree (Major English) from Curtin University and CELTA.