Ragni Prasad, UOW College
Transformations in UOW College's Assessment Tasks

English for Tertiary Studies (ETS) is the direct entry English course for international students at UOW (University of Wollongong) College. Recently this course underwent major restructure. One of the major results of the restructure was transformation in its assessment tasks; both formative and summative. Some existing assessment tasks were revised and some new ones were introduced. However, before any decisions for transformations were made, the working committee conducted rigorous discussions with different stakeholders including course coordinators and lecturers from University of Wollongong, some past ETS students who were at the university then, ETS teachers, the ETS coordinator and the Language Centre Manager. After careful considerations of the feedback and suggestions provided by them, changes in assessment tasks were proposed by the working committee, discussed, approved and finally implemented. This presentation will inform the audience of the planning, formulation and implementation stages of the transformed assessment tasks as well as their rationale. It will also present some of the successes and challenges since their implementation.

Ragni has been teaching at UOW College for the past 10 years; both on their ELICOS and Academic Programs. She has primarily been teaching on their ETS course (in the ELICOS Program) over the 3 campuses in NSW and have also been a coordinator for ETS2 Reading and Writing component. She was part of the working committee for the most recent restructure of the ETS course. Originally from Fiji she is currently pursuing a PhD in Sociolinguistics.